Wine Of The Month

Each month I select a bottle of fine mature Burgundy which has come my way recently. Not necessarily a grand cru, (though why not?) for I do not drink grands crus every day, but something worthy of being given an accolade.

October 2019

Blagny, La Piece Sous Le Bois, Premier Cru, 1999
Domaine Lamy-Pillot

Blagny lies between Meursault and Puligny but up in the hills. The appellation is for red wines only: the whites are either Meursault or Puligny. La Piece Sous le Bois is one of two premiers crus: the other is Sous Le Dos D'Ane. 

Blagny rouge is a sort of cross between Chassagne-Montrachet and Pommard, but a cross of good examples. This wine comes from a family in Chassagne, and is quite sturdy – the tannins showing a bit – but robust in a rich, balanced way. A wine for food. For a red Burgundy it is cheap. A good example of what you can find if you go off the beaten track. Plenty of life still here.

September 2019

Vosne Romanee, Les Suchots, 1996
Domaine Robert Arnoux

One of Arnoux's best wines is his Suchots: old vines in the very best part of this premier cru. This is full, concentrated, rich and creamily succulent. Lovely balancing acidity shows the fresh harmony of this vintage, which is getting better and better as is evolves. Splendid follow through. A lovely wine which you can still keep for ages..

August 2019

Musigny, 1999
Chateau De Chambolle Musigny

With 1.14 hectares, J.F. Mugnier is the second largest proprietor in Musigny. His vines lie north of those of De Vogué. This is a very lovely wine; with all of the soft, yet very fragrant fruit of a Chambolle. It is medium full bodied, succulent and splendidly balanced. Very long and complex at the end, not to say ripe and concentrated. A very impressive, classy bottle.

July 2019

Vosne Romanée, Les Beaux Monts, 1999
Domaine Jean Grivot

Years of tasting Grivot's Vosne-Romanée, Les Beaux Monts against its peers at the annual MW Burgundy tasting and elsewhere have convinced me that this is not only Grivot's best Vosne premier cru, and there are several others, but one of the very best wines of the Côte de Nuits. 

This 1999 is full bodied, rich, vigorous and very well balanced. It is a wine of real depth and breed and unmistakable grand cru quality. Drink or keep. It is a very lovely wine.

June 2019

Gevrey-Chambertin, Premier Cru, 1996
Domaine Claude Dugat

Claude Dugat's wines are made and matured in the elegant 13th century Cellier des Dîmes, next to Gevrey's church. This premier cru is a lovely wine, with a richness, coupled with the slight austerity of the vintage. The Côte de Nuits benefited from picking a week later than the Côte de Beaune, and the wines have a ripeness of fruit sometimes missing in those from further south. This wine is very elegant, with a subtle oaky base, and is long and complex at the end. A fine bottle.  

May 2019

Ruchottes-Chambertin, Clos Des Ruchottes, 1990
Domaine  Rousseau

This Ruchottes is a monopoly of the Domaine Rousseau. It has a good, fresh colour, and is medium-full bodied. Round, vigorous and fully mature. Very good fruit and a nice, lively acidity. Ripe, complex and elegant. Lots of class. A lovely bottle which still has years of life. 

April 2019

Chambolle-Musigny, Premier Cru, 1999
Domaine Jean Jacques. Confuron

This wine is a blend of Chatelots and Feusselots, vinified together, and is one of the best of the domaine's wines. It is now superbly in its prime: full-bodied, vigorous, yet succulent and velvety, with splendid fruit and a long, complex finish. Lovely! 

March 2019

Vosne-Romanee, Les Maconsorts, 2008
Domaine Francois Lamarche

Lamarche, until 1999 or thereabouts, was one of the sad underachievers of the Côte de Nuits. The cellars smelt of damp and the wines were disappointing. Improvements followed a change of generation and the wines are now very worthy of note, particularly their Le Grande Rue, adjacent to La Tache. This Malconsorts, though not from one of the greatest of vintages, is of medium weight, plump, yet with the backbone of its climat, and nicely long, gently oaky and full of fruit. A very good bottle. 

February 2019

Richebourg 1999
Demaine Méo Camuzet

The Méo Camuzet domaine holds adjoining land in Vosne-Romanée, Les Brulées,  Richebourg and Vosne-Romanée, Cros Parentoux, going up the hill. This is the grandest of the three. Full bodied, still very vigorous, with a certain amount of residual tannin, and rich, sturdy and profound. It develops splendidly in the glass to provide a wine of real dimension and class. A very fine bottle. 

January 2019

Chambolle-Musigny, Les Amoureuses, 1999
Domaine Jacques Frederic Mugnier

This strikes me as a better wine than the domaine's Musigny. (See December 2018) It has splendid fruit and a very good grip. Fullish, mellow and intense and beautifully balanced. It is long and multi-dimensional. All together a complete wine. Very delicious !

December 2018

Musigny, 1999
Domaine Jacques Frédéric Mugnier

Jacques Frédéric Mugnier is the most important landholder in Musigny after the Vogüé domaine. This is a fine wine, but it does not quite sing as a Musigny should. It is fullish, smooth and mature, with very lovely fruit. But the intensity is not there. Nor the individuality and the flair. Perhaps I should try another bottle.

November 2018

Gevrey-Chambertin, Estournelles Saint Jacques, 1996
Domaine Frederic Esmonin

Estournelles lies above Clos Saint Jacques and next to the upper part of Les Saint Jacques; a very privileged position indeed. There are two owners: Jadot and Esmonin, the latter owning the lion's share.

This wine does not have the bulk of a Mazis or a Ruchottes, but is very delicious. A fragrance you do not regularly find here; a balance and an elegance; with a lovely fruit and a gentle base of new oak. Medium-full bodied, splendidly balanced, intense and classy. A lovely bottle. A point.

October 2018

Romanée Saint Vivant 1999
Domaine Alain Hudelot-Nôellat

Alain Hudelot's 48 ares of Romanée-Saint-Vivant lie at the northern end of the climat next to those of Domaine Leroy with which they are historically related.  He makes six casks in a good year, and it is very often one of the best examples of this cru. This 1999 is a splendid wine; full, rich and oaky, with an opulence and a depth you associate with only the very best Burgundies. Marvelous fruit, impeccable balance and great elegance. A really very fine wine.

September 2018

Clos Vougeot, 1999
Domaine René Engel

The domaine owns a splendidly sited 1.37 hectare chunk of Clos de Vougeot, behind and just down slope of the château itself. It also has Echézeaux and Grands Echézeaux, and in the days of Philippe Engel – who sadly died in 1995, since when the estate was sold to Francois Pinault of Château Latour and renamed Domaine d'Eugenie – you were offered the Clos de Vougeot to taste before the Grands Echézeaux. This being the order - or the reverse of the order – of preference.

This is a splendid wine; only just ready. The vigour and the grip mark this out as a stayer. It is fullish, gently oaky, succulent, rich and harmonious. And above all very classy. Many Clos de Vougeots lack a little class and definition. They have a pleasant warm spice which is most enjoyable. But that's it. This is class above.


August 2018

Nuits Saint Georges, Les Pruliers, 1999
Domaine Grivot

Fine, deep colour. Rich, fragrant, ever so slightly oaky nose. Very good grip and lots of depth.

This is a very classy wine. Full and vigorous. But the tannins are refined and integrated. Splendid finish. Will last for ages.


July 2018

Vosne-Eomanee, Les Suchots, 1999
Domaine Gérard Mugneret

In contrast with the 1996, aabout which I wrote some months back, this wine, while fullish and vigorous, is not a bit austere. It benefits from the ripeness of the vintage without losing any of its structure and vigour. The wine is nicely ripe and very fresh. It's a fine wine, but easy to drink, and most attractive.


June 2018

Vosne-Romanee, Les Beaumonts
Domaine Jean-Jacques Confuron

Here is a delicious wine for a late spring day.  Medium-bodied, mellow, indeed soft. But subtle, ripe, and very well balanced. Complex, fragrant, just a little sweet at the end.  A very lovely wine; cool and composed. Its lack of muscle betrays its origin at the top of the slope above Echézeaux and Brulées.


May 2018

Richebourg, 1999
Domaine Méo-Camuzet

This is a full-bodied, vigorous, concentrated and quite oaky wine; still very youthful.

Splendid fruit, almost sweet, with very good grip and a very long finish. There is a lot of wine here, and it is of very fine qualty. It will still keep for ages.


April 2018

Vosne-Romanee, Les Brulees, 2002
Domaine Méo-Camuzet

This is quite a big tannic wine, with a lot of new, smoky oak – quite typical of Méo-Camuzet. But there is plenty of richness and balance here, and no lack of depth underneath the structure. And, on airing, it showed the elegance of the vintage. Fine, but not, to my taste, brilliant. It will still last for ages.


March 2018

Vosne-Romanee, Les Malconsorts, 2002
Domaine Sylvain  Cathiard

Here is a very fine wine which combines the structure of Malconsorts, on the Nuits-Saint-Georges boundary at the southern end of the Vosne vignoble, with the purity and definition of the commune of Vosne. Fullish, intense, succulent in fruit and splendidly balanced. Real breed here. Delicious!

Ample proof that Cathiard produces marvelous wines.


February 2018

Mazis-Chambertin, 1999
Domaine Faiveley

Is Mazis the next best vineyard in Gevrey after Chambertin and Clos de Bèze?

This wine makes a good argument for this thesis. Now fully ready, yet with still plenty of vigour, the wine is fullish, with a lovely cassis-earthy fruit into which lurks a whiff of expensive cigar smoke. Balanced, complex, long on the palate. A fine bottle.


New Year's Wines

Batard-Montrachet, 2002
Domaine Ramonet

This is a simply lovely example of all fine, mature white Burgundy should be. The wine is full-bodied, yet supple and smooth on the palate. There is considerable fruit, and a very slight sweetness to underpin the oakiness. Very long on the palate, excellent grip, still very fresh. Splendid!

Chateau Leoville-Lascases, 1990

A grand wine of unmistakably premier cru quality. Fullish, still youthful after a mere 26 years! Very lovely, harmonious fruit. Great depth and concentration; mellow and lush, and very long on the palate. Very classy indeed. Excellent! 


Christmas Wines

Montrachet, 2002
Domaine Des Comtes Lafon

Montrachet, please notice. No Le, as the plot is on the Chassagne side. Here was a wine which took its time to come out of the glass. At first I was a little underwhelmed, but after ten minutes or so, the richness, concentration, and indeed a succulence almost like a red wine, began to appear. We have something which is quite oaky, still quite youthful, full bodied and very classy indeed: the depth unmistakably of a grand cru. Quite splendid!

Chateau Leoville Barton, 1995

This is a wine which is still quite young, and I feel will always show a little separate tannin. It was better – more rich and more mellow - after a couple of hours. Full, rich, more Pauillac than Saint Julien, perhaps. Lots of grip. Lots of depth. A lot of majesty here, but a sturdy wine. Very fine. 


December 2017

Clos Vougeot, Le Grand Maupertui, 1999
Domaine Anne Gros

The Maupertui or Maupertius lie under Grands Echezeaux behind the Château itself, and Anne Gros vines march alongside those of her cousin, Michel Gros. This is an excellent wine, combining structure with opulence, balance, finesse and a mulberry jam fruit, together with the usual Clos Vougeot spice. Very lovely, and good for a decade or more yet.


November 2017

Volnay, Santenots Du Milieu
Domaine Des Comtes Lafon, 1999

The Santenots du Milieu occupies 8 of the 29 hectares of Santenots, technically in Meursault but allowed to call its red wines Volnay. Lafon owns 3.75 hectares, and normally produces one of the finest of all Volnays. This 1999 is quite splendid. It has power as well as delicacy, marvellous fruit and great refinement. It's only just about ready. A yardstick wine.


October 2017

Beaune, Greves, Vigne De L'enfant Jesus, 2002
Bouchard Pere Et Fils

The 2002s are now beginning to drink beautifully, and most are now fully ready. This is a graceful wine. Medium in weight, soft but intense, harmonious, and full of ripe fruit. Long and lingering on the palate. It should keep for ages. Delicious!


September 2017

Rully, La Pucelle, 2005 (Magnum)
Paul Et Marie Jacqueson

I have long regarded the Jacqueson family as the leading growers in Rully, and their Pucelle as their best vineyard. When these aspects combine in a splendid vintage, and when this has had time to prove itself you have something very special indeed. Marvellous harmony; great class; a very lovely wine.


August 2017

Musigny, Vieilles Vignes, 1990
Domaine Comte Georges de Vogüé

This is a controversial wine. Bottles in Europe contrast with bottles I have tasted in the USA.

It is a wine I have sampled on many occasions – indeed I have some myself. In America a number of these have been weak and tired, making me wonder if the stock at the wholesalers was stored at too high a temperature. Those I have seen in France and England present no such problem: indeed the wine is very fine. Full bodied, quite meaty, still vigorous, crammed with ripe concentrated fruit and, above all, showing all the nuance and breed of this exceptional vineyard. Very lovely. Plenty of life ahead of it.


July 2017

Chambertin, Domaine Armand Rousseau Pere Et Fils, 1999

The Domaine Rousseau is the largest owner in Chambertin, with 2.15 hectares out of the total of 12.9 available. Their example, made with a goodly proportion of the stems and reared in new oak, is frequently one of the very best Burgundies of the vintage, and this 1999 is no exception.

The wine is full, the tannins now mellow, the new oak aspect well absorbed and the wine fully in its prime. I don't think it will improve further. But there is very lovely sweet fruit, and no lack of vigour. Complex, long on the palate, refined and absolutely delicious. A real treat!


June 2017

Clos De Vougeot, 1999
Domaine J.J. Confuron

Alain and Sophie Meunier – she was née Confuron, and the origin of the domaine goes back to the Noëllat family – own 52 ares of Clos de Vougeot, located just behind the château. This is a medium-full, but essentially soft, old-viney wine with a touch of new oak and plenty of ripe fruit; generous, balanced and gentle, but with no lack of vigour. Now fully ready. A wine of great charm.


MAY 2017

Charmes-Chambertin, Vieilles Vignes, 1999
Domaine Denis Bachelet

Denis Bachelet's 43 ares of old vines lie in the best part of Charmes, just below the path which separates Chambertin from Clos de Bèze. The wine he produces from them is invariably splendid.

This 1999 is no exception. Deep in colour and still youthful-looking, the wine is only just coming into its own, and I feel will continue to get better and better. Rich, full, concentrated, a little tannin still to round off, but a wine of considerable depth and class. Lovely finish.


April 2017

Romanée Saint Vivant, 2002
Domaine Sylvain Cathiard

Magnum. This is the best wine I have drunk so far this year. A wine of great purity and intensity, unmistakably of grand cru status. It is full but soft and complex, has marvellous fruit and is very well balanced. It is now ready, but will last for ages. Quite superb.


March 2017

Musigny, 1999
Domaine Jacques-Frederic Mugnier

Freddy Mugnier is the second largest grower in Musigny, with 1.13 Hectares, roughly one tenth of this magnificent climat. His vines are in the northern part of the vineyard, the Grands Musigny.

This is an absolutely splendid mouth-watering wine. Today is is fully mature, soft yet intense and persistent, abundant in naturally sweet fruit, complex and harmonious and aristocratic. It will still last for ages. A really great wine, and a privilege to drink.


February 2017

Richebourg 1990,
Domaine Alain Hudelot-Noellat

I first began calling on Alain Hudelot in 1983 or so. At that time he didn't export much. It was Alexis Lichine, who bought wine from him in bulk, who put me on to Hudelot. I liked the man. I liked his wines. And what an array there was: Richebourg, Romanée-Saint-Vivant, Clos de Vougeot, three of the best Vosne premiers crus (but aren't they all good, I hear you cry) and much more. Though in, as you would expect, small quantities. But not too small.

There are 28 ares of Richebourg, at the north end, overlooking Suchots. This will make three or four casks. This 1990 is fullish, fragrant, ripe and intense. There is lovely, smooth, balanced fruit and plenty of vigour. A delicious wine.


January 2017

Domaine De Chevalier Blanc, 1983

A Bordeaux for a change, and an example of a white wine which will keep.
Nevertheless, it was with a certain trepidation that I opened this, the last of my bottles. Was 34 years a bit too much to ask?

In fact the wine is remarkably fresh. The colour is full but very youthful; and there is not even a hint of any age on the nose. It is still very concentrated, subtle and multi-dimensional on the palate, with only the merest hint of oak, and a splendidly long complex finish. A really fine wine, and a tribute to how marvelous top white Bordeaux can be. Why don't more Graves growers make white wines like this?.


December 2016

Chambertin, 1985
Maison Leroy

This is a most delicious wine. Indeed a great bottle. Like many of the very finest, I suspect that, once softened, it has not aged further, and has remained, and will remain, just as is is for some time to come.

It is fullish, smooth and silky, intense, fresh and with the most lovely combination of red and black fruit. The follow through is very pure, very elegant, very complex, very concentrated and very lovely. Quite brilliant!


November 2016

Romanee-Saint-Vivant, 1999
Domaine Robert Arnoux

Pascal Lachaux, son-in-law and heir of Robert Arnoux, produces very sophisticated wines: rich, fullish, gently oaky and with plenty of class. The domaine owns 35 ares of Romanée-Saint-Vivant, down at the southern end below those of Sylvain Cathiard.

This 1999 is a wine of considerable distinction. It drinks beautifully now, but there is absolutely no hurry to finish it up. A great Burgundy.


October 2016

Nuits Saint Georges, Aux Boudots, 1996
Domaine Jean-Jacques Confuron

Many of the Confuron vineyards run alongside those of the Domaine Leroy, as both have their origins in what must have been, in its hey-day, a splendidly extensive estate belonging to the Noëllat family. Alain and Sophie Meunier, herself a Noëllat descendant, run this domaine from modern premises in Prémaux, and make clean, gently oaky, concentrated and intense wines; elegant rather than blockbusters. This is delicious. You could hold it for at least another decade.


September 2016

Clos De Vougeot, 1995
Domaine Denis Mortet

The Mortet domaine's 15 ares of Clos de Vougeot lie up in the extreme north-east corner of the climat; not, it has to be admitted, in the choicest part of this vineyard. Yet, from the early 1990s onwards, following the split between the late Denis and his brother Thierry, this has been regularly one of the best Clos de Vougeots of the vintage.

Full, firm, rich and balanced, with plenty of backbone and grip, this 1995 is now in its prime, but will keep admirably.


August 2016

Richebourg, 1999, Domaine Anne Gros

A really fine bottle this month: full, rich, backward and concentrated; above all persistent, profound and harmonious. The finish is splendidly long and silky-smooth. It is barely ready, even after 16 years, and can still be held for ages.

An aristocratic wine. Brilliant ! Brilliant ! Brilliant !


July 2016

Volnay Santenots Du Milieu, 1990
Domaine Des Comtes Lafon

Dominique Lafon's piece of Santenots is, as the label says, in the middle of this climat, the best bit. And he possesses 3.5 of the 8.0 hectares of this sub-plot. Arguably – Michel Lafarge fans would contest this – it produces Volnay's best wine. This 1990 is still a big, virile bottle; the second glass out of the bottle being a distinct improvement on the first. There is still a little unresolved tannin here at first. But it is, au fond, a very lovely fragrant wine. It will still keep for ages.


June 2016

Chambolle-Musigny, 1998
Domaine Jacques-Frederic Mugnier

Only a village wine. But what a village wine ! This is as good as many a top premier cru. Pure, fragrant, intense, harmonious and utterly beautiful: it shows not a trace of age. Here we have all the joyous fruit we search for – often in vain – in the wines of Chambolle. It is very lovely. JFM is a master wine-maker.


May 2016

Nuits Saints Georges Les Boudots, 1998
Domaine Jean Grivot

Les Boudots, at the north of Nuits-Saint-Georges, marches with Malconsorts, at the southern end of the commune of Vosne-Romanée, and not surprisingly, produces a wine with a hint of this adjacent village. There is the muscularity of Nuits, but touched with the firm purity of Vosne. You find it here: this wine is quite tannic, and still, after more than 15 years, has a grip and a dimension to accompany the richness of the fruit. Etienne Grivot makes wine of great purity. This is a very fine bottle.


April 2006

Savigny Les Beaune, Les Lavieres, 1993
Domaine Chandon De Briailles

Claude de Nicolay has been responsible for the wines here since about 1983, and the domaine has been fully bio-dynamic since about the time of this vintage. Vinified with the stems, and matured in this case with only a modicum of new oak, this Savigny comes low down in the domaine's hierarchy after several splendid Cortons, but is nevertheless a wine of elegance, fragrance, succulence and balance. Fully mature, and without a touch of undue age, nor any undue hint of the stems, this is an example of how delightful – and splendid value - a 'lesser' wine of the Côte de Beaune can be.


March 2016

Ruchottes-Chambertin, Clos Des Ruchottes, 1990
Domaine Armand Rousseau

The firm of Thomas-Bassot used to own just over two hectares of Ruchottes-Chambertin. The family sold this when they wound up the company after the death of the heir apparent in a car crash in 1976 and the buyers were Dr. Georges Mugneret of Vosne-Romanée, a M. Bonnefond of Rouen, who set up a share-cropping arrangement with Christophe Roumier of Chambolle-Musogny, and Charles Rousseau, who acquired just over a full hectare, making him the largest owner in this steep, much fragmented vineyard. Rousseau has the exclusivity of the Clos des Ruchottes.

Ruchottes lies above Mazis, in leaner, cooler soil, and the wine can be correspondingly a little austere. This, however, from the celebrated and warm 1990 vintage, is splendidly lush and generous. Even at 25 years there is not a trace of age about it. A very fine wine.


February 2016

Vosne-Romanee, Les Suchots, 1996
Domaine Gerard Mugneret

There are several Mugnerets in the village of Vosne-Romanée. Gérard is a first cousin of the Georges Mugneret family, and was for a time a share cropper of some of their vineyards. This wine, though, is exclusively his; all of 38 ares. It is made in an impeccably neat cellar, completely de-stemmed, vinified at temperatures which are allowed to climb to 34°, and given one third new oak.

The result, in 1996, is a wine which is a bit austere at first – a signature of the vintage – but rapidly opens out to give you a fragrant, delicate, elegant wine with no lack of depth and substance. Very long on the palate, and very pure. Lovely.


January 2016

Griottes-Chambertin, 1995
Domaine Frederic Esmonin

Frederic Esmonin's wines can be a bit hit and miss. Sometimes thay are a bit four-square; muddy; lacking succulence. This, however, is a winner. Full bodied, yet not too tannic, with a delightful fruit and balance, and, twenty years old, no sign of age. You can still keep this.

Alsace, Riesling Clos Sainte Hune, 1983
F. E. Trimbach

Clos Sainte Hune, below the village of Hunawihr, and a monopole belonging to Trimbach, is the greatest site for dry Riesling in the world. The 1983 is perhaps the best wine they have ever produced. At 32 years of age, there is not even the merest hint of decay. The wine is full-bodied, rich and profound, splendidly concentrated and harmonious. Well-nigh perfect.

I drank this, my last bottle – unless I have mis-binned the 15 or so Clos Sainte Hune examples in my cellar (keep your fingers crossed for me !) for Christmas. Utter delight – like listening to Clara Haskill play a late Mozart piano concerto.


December 2015

Gevrey-Chambertin, Lavaux Saint-Jacques, 1995
Domaine Claude Dugat

In my view the best of the Gevrey premiers crus lie above the village: Clos Saint-Jacques and its neighbours. Lavaux and Cazetiers vie for second place after Clos Saint-Jacques itself. I have had a soft spot for Lavaux since I sold a 1964 while at the Wine Society in the late 1960s. The wine was shipped in cask from Remoissenet, and I have always wondered who was the original supplier. Was it one of the Dugats of that generation?

This is a delicate wine for a Gevrey and a 1995. Intense and succulent and medium full, it is now fully at its peak, and should not be kept for too long. But is lovely and naturally sweet, fresh and stylish. A fine mature Burgundy.


November 2015

Clos Vougeot, Grand Maupertuis, 2006
Domaine Michel Gros

Following the 2006s last month, here is another 2006 Clos Vougeot (Michel Gros does not spell the grand cru with a de), and from a particularly favoured site (next to cousin Anne) behind the Château.

It is an unexpectedly lovely wine, with a natural sweetness at the end which is rare in this vintage. Ready but will keep well.


October 2015

Clos De Vougeot, Domaine Gros Frere Et Soeur, 2006

Grands Echezeaux, Domaine Gros Frere Et Soeur, 2006

Richebourg, Gros Frere Et Soeur, 2006

Three wines this month. I have never been particularly enthusiastic about the 2006 reds. They generally lack elegance and succulence. These three are different, however, and much more commendable. They are certainly quite sturdy, but the tannins are ripe and the wines are rich. They will still benefit from further aging. Naturally the Richebourg is the finest, as well as the most backward. I preferred the Grands Echézeaux to the Clos de Vougeot, but only just.


September 2015

Puligny-Montrachet, Les Demoiselles 2002
Domaine Michel Colin-Deleger

I have probably had more problems with prematurely oxidized bottles of vintages from the late 1990s from Michel Colin-Deleger than with anyone else: to the extent that I gave up ordering his wines in the local restaurants. I did buy this wine, however, and I have been following its progress over the years. At first, like many top 2002s, it was splendid. As it has aged, while not showing premature oxidation, it has lost some of its initial sparkle. Today it is a 'fine' (just) example of white Burgundy. Rich, nutty, fullish and balanced. Drink it soon though. I now have two bottles left. I'll drink them by Christmas.


August 2015

Domaine Georges Mugneret-Gibourg

One of the stars of my Ten Year On tasting in June was a magnum of this wine, as elegant as the three Mugneret ladies who produce it. Medium-full body. Still a bit closed. Gently oaky. But above all ripe, harmonious and stylish. Very high quality fruit here. Can just about be touched now. But better kept another five years.


July 2015

Echezeaux, Les Lochausses, 2012
Domaine Anne Gros

When I was in Milwaukee in April, the local Sous-Commanderie of the Chevaliers de Tastevin invited me to present a tasting of Burgundy and then join them for a Paulée, where everyone brings along a bottle from their cellar which is then circulated round the table. This was the youngest of the wines. And the best.

Not a blockbuster, I noted, but splendidly ripe, rich and profound. Very lovely pure fruit. Drink from 2022.


June 2015

Griotte-Chambertin, 1993
Domaine Christophe Roumier

Here is a wine of great refinement. It is by no means a large wine. It is even quite delicate, with an almost Chambolle-Musigny touch. It is now mellow, but concentrated, intense and persistent, with great complexity and finesse. Delicious. It can still be kept. Now to 2020.


May 2015

Charmes Chambertin 1995
Domaine Claude Dugat

Fine colour, still very young. Delicious nose. Pure, refined, concentrated and profound. Still with a underlying touch of oak. On the palate full bodied, rich and complex. Lovely long, lingering finish. A very impressive wine which will still keep for ages.


April 2015

Vosne-Romanee, Les Beaux-Monts, 1999
Domaine Jean-Jacques Confuron

Large, heavy, dark bottle. Splendid nose. Rich, full, pure, gently oaky, harmonious and very profound. This is the sort of Beaux-Monts which would put many an Echézeaux in the shade. Splendid fruit. Very lovely. Only just ready. Now-2030.


March 2015

Mazis-Chambertin, 1999
Domaine Faiveley

Good colour: still very youthful. Firm, but rich on the nose with at first a slightly hard tannic aspect, but this mellowed as the wine developed in the glass. Full and rich. Masculine. Good grip. Plenty of depth and dimension, and most agreeable after it had softened up a bit. Not great, but fine. Still has plenty of life. Now-2020 plus.


February 2015

Beaune, Clos des Ursules, 2002, Louis Jadot

Beaune, Clos des Coucherias, 2002, Louis Jadot

Two wines this month. These are the two best premier cru Beaunes in the Jadot portfolio, and both are monopolies. The first lies in the Vignes Franches, under Clos des Mouches on the Pommard side of the vineyard, while Coucherias is located above the Grèves just on the northern side of the road which leans up to the Hautes Côtes in the centre of the appéllation. These are usually my favorites among the dozen or so first growths that Jadot have to offer, and in 2002 I bought both.

The former is well coloured, rich and sturdy for a Beaune; it shows its Pommard proximity. The second is more fragrant – ethereal even – and very elegant and persistent. Both are delicous now, but will keep for at least a decade.


January 2015

Charmes-Chambertin, 1999
Domaine Denis Bachelet

Deep colour, now just about mature. Glorious nose; a touch of oak, plus the most sumptuous, rich, concentrated fruit. Full, balanced and mellow. Absolutely in its prime now, but will keep well. A glorious bottle. A great wine.


December 2014

Volnay, Santenots du Milieu, 1998
Domaine des Comtes Lafon

There are few domaines (as opposed to merchants) who can claim to be equally proficient in white than in red - and vice versa. One is the Domaines des Comtes Lafon. With recent acquisitions, Lafon can now offer all the white Meursault premiers crus. His major red wine is his lion's share of the best part of Santenots, Le Milieu.

This 1998 has a vigorous, mature colour. Is firm and fragrant on the nose, and rich and silky and long on the palate. A delicious high quality wine for drinking now. No hurry to finish it up.


November 2014

Volnay, Clos Des Ducs, 1993
Domaine Marquis D'angerville

Here is a wine I would instantly call fragrant. The wine is a monopoly and comes from the back garden of the domaine, high up under the hills, away from the rest of the most renowned premiers crus.

Fully ready, as it should be after more than twenty years in bottle, yet not a bit lacking in vigour, we have a wine which has the most lovely, gentle yet persistent fruit. There is nothing a bit lean about this wine. It is delicious.


October 2014

Clos De Vougeot, 1999
Domaine Robert Arnoux

While this still says Robert Arnoux on the label, the wine was made by the late Robert's son-in-law Pascal Lachaux, and more recent vintages sell under the Lachaux-Arnoux name. This is an important domaine, based on the main road in Vosne-Romanée, and with holdings in Romanée-Saint-Vivant, Echezeaux and a number of premiers crus as well as in Clos de Vougeot itself. Biological culture, low yields, total destemming and quite a lot of new oak is the recipe here, and a well-coloured, rich, meaty but classy wine is the result. It will still last a decade or more.


September 2014

Coche-Dury Corton-Charlemagne
Courtesy of John Marsh

So there I was, in balmy weather at the end of August on the shores of Lake Erie, facing four vintages – 2005, 2002, 1999, and 1996 – of the best that Jean-Francois Coche-Dury and his son Raphael have to offer. They own 34 ares, enough for five casks in a normal vintage, and the vines could not be better placed. By the time the wine emerges from the pipe-line at the retail level it is frighteningly high priced, and you may be tempted into wondering whether it is worth it.

On the basis of my recent experience, the answer is yes. The 2005 is an infant. Leave it alone until 2020 or later. The 2002 I adore. What concentration! What energy! Again is still needs to be held. The 1999 approaches its zenith; ample, succulent, surprisingly youthful for a wine of 15 years age, and showing absolutely no trace of the high volumes produced in this vintage (though not by the Messrs Coche, I'm sure). Finally the 1996. Here we can appreciate a fully mature wine, with a richness and a depth of impressive proportions.

In all, a privilege. Long live great wine and the chance to enjoy them in the company of good friends and fine food.


August 2014

Vosne-Romanee, Clos De Reas, 2006
Domaine Michel Gros

Michel Gros is one of Burgundy's master wine-makers, and this Premier Cru is his monopoly. 2006 was a good if not great year, but if carefully vinified – not too extracted so as to let all the fruit spring out to the fore – has resulted in lovely bottles, ready now.

This wine is medium bodied, fragrant and succulent, round, fresh and juicy. Not a great wine, but thoroughly beguiling. It will last until 2020.


July 2014

Volnay, Taillepieds, Domaine Marquis D'angerville, 1999

In many cases bottles of the 1999 vintage can be accused of being more 1999 than a wine of its particular provenance: the vintage is masked by the terroir. (This is not to say that it may not be delicious!). But here we have a wine which is a true Volnay, as well as being as rich and as concentrated as one might expect.

Taillepieds lies in the heart of the best part of Volnay. Clos de Chênes is upslope. The 60 Ouvrées of the Caillerets just on the other side of the road. The wine is firmer than the latter; more refined than the former. Here is a lovely, elegant, fragrant, harmonious wine. Now ready, but you could confidently hold on to it for another decade.


June 2014

Chassagne-Montrachet, Les Caillerets, 2008
Domaine Lamy-Pillot

I find it odd, selfish and dispiriting that the vast majority of the comments on recent Burgundies concentrate merely on the super-stars – as if it needs us, the critics, to point out that the wines of such as the DRC are exceptional. Surely that can be taken for granted? I have always considered that the wine-writer's role is to earmark those who are less well renowned. Their wines, after all, will be often very much less expensive. We should be pointing out these values. When one well-known critic was recently asked why he never (yes, never!) visited the Domaine Lamy-Pillot the retort was: 'I havn't the time.' Shame on you, sir!

For the record, this wine, which I drank with American friends in a restaurant in Beaune last week, is simply delicious: crisp, pure, complex and splendidly elegant. The man who has been in charge for the last decade or more is Sebastian Caillat, son-in-law of Réné Lamy. He does a super job, as do another dozen or so of his peers in the village (Chassagne) whose wines are also never assessed by the press.


May 2014

Vosne-Romanée, Aux Malconsorts, 1998
Domaine Sylvain Cathiard

Continuing my research into the 1998s (see WOTM passim) here is a very lovely wine indeed.

Cathiard owns 74 ares of Malconsorts, half way up the slope, enough for nine or ten barrels. The vines are old. The wine is profound, the tannins soft yet vigorous, and the fruit balanced, elegant and simply delicious. This is a wine of great finesse and intensity: round and naturally sweet and very long indeed on the palate. Enjoy now or keep another ten years. Outstanding quality! Well-nigh perfect!


April 2014

Latricières-Chambertin, 2007
Domaine Simon Bize

In honour of Patrick Bize, who sadly died six months ago, I opened this bottle, alongside a Vosne-Romanée, Clos de Réas, 2007, from Michel Gros. Michel's wine was good, but no more than that. The Bize wine, however, had a sweetness, a richness and a depth which was a real surprise for this vintage, a year which offers little to get really excited about.

The domaine farms 40 ares in the Latricières, enough for six or seven casks. The wine is made using some of the stems, and some 30 percent new oak, and bottled after 18 months. This 2007 is still very vigorous. You could keep it until 2020. A lovely bottle.


March 2014

Charmes-Chambertin, 1998
Domaine Denis Bachelet

The 1998s are now in their prime, and very attractive they are. I bought quite a lot, and not being a rich man, bought mainly in six packs. Moreover, the domaines, with not much of the top wines on offer, preferred me to buy six and not twelve.

Denis Bachelet owns 43 ares – enough for six or seven casks – of Charmes-Chambertin in two parcels in the best part of the climat. The vines are old and the quality is very high indeed; very often the best Charmes-Chambertin of the vintage. This 1998 is fullish in body, rich and naturally sweet, harmonious, vigorous and very complex. Ready, but it will keep another decade. Delicious!


February 2014

Gevrey-Chambertin, Clos Saint-Jacques, 1997
Domaine Armand Rousseau Père et Fils

Here is proof that today you will find delicious bottles; even in the least touted vintages, provided you stick to the best growers and climats.

This wine is soft, gently oaky, attractive and well-balanced. It doesn't have the greatest backbone and depth, but it is a thoroughly pleasant, classy wine. You could still keep it a few years.


January 2014

Riesling, Clos Saint Hune, 1985, Trimbach

For a change, a wine from Alsace – but what a wine!

The Clos Sainte Hune comes from the limestone grand cru of Rosacker in Hunawihr, just down the road from the Trimbach headquarters in Ribeauvillé. I have always contended that fine old riesling is the best wine to drink with smoked salmon, and so I picked out one of my last bottles of the 1985 for Christmas. Fully mature, of course, but with splendid energy and depth. Very delicious indeed. While more and more fine white Burgundies, even those not prematurely oxidised, seem to give up the ghost after a dozen or so vintages, it is gratifying to be able to worship at the other end of a glass of a vigorous (almost) thirty year old riesling.