The Coates Family Cookbook

revised and expanded edition

By Clive Coates MW

with the generous help of members of his family, friends, cookery writers and professional chefs

The Coates Family Cookbook originated as a single repository where we could put all the family recipies we regularly used. But it grew from there. We added tips and instructions and simple dishes useful to those who had just started to cook seriously, and we included recipies we had enjoyed from friends all over the world. The range extends from basics like macaroni cheese to the no more complicated but more esoteric foie gras soup.

The Coates Family Cookbook is free. We hope all of you will find it useful. However we ask that if you come to use this book more than one or two times that you make a donation to medical research: (UK £10.00, Europe €10.00, USA $15.00) to Cancer, Alzheimer's, Multiple Sclerosis, etc.. We leave this to your conscience. Do not send any money to us.