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Clive Coates' penultimate book: The Great Wines of France: A Complete Guide to France's Top Domaines and Their Wines (Mitchell Beazley Drink S.) was published in October 2005.

One hundred and ninety pages, generously illustrated, survey of 45 of France's top estates in Clive's usual lucid, elegant, informative style.

Each profile is accompanied by notes on the last dozen or so vintages the property has produced.

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The most up-to-date in-depth study of the wines of Bordeaux.

Clive Coates’ The Wines of Bordeaux was published in September 2004 by Weidenfeld and Nicholson in London and the University of California Press in Berkeley, California.

The first 421 pages cover all the main estates in all the main areas from the Médoc to the Côtes de Blaye. The remaining 262 pages consist of vintage assessments from 2003 to 1952.

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This is the most comprehensive guide to the wines, appellations and domaines of France ever published.

In the past few years Clive Coates has visited, and tasted widely, in every single appellation in France, from Irouléguy to Champagne, from Muscadet to Bellet.

Every single appellation controlée and VDQS is individually described.

There are hundreds, if not several thousand, of individual descriptions of the leading estates, the greatest of which are starred (one, two or three, in the Michelin red guide sense).

All noteworthy domaines are listed. Local vintages are assessed. What do the wines taste like? When should you drink them? Who are the best producers? All is revealed.

Clive Coates' expert knowledge, his understanding, his unerring judgement separating the fine from the humdrum, plus his lucid, relaxed prose - all is here. Not just the wine book of the year, but perhaps the most important book on wine since Hugh Johnson's Wine Atlas.

"Majesterial" – Stephen Brook, Decanter Magazine

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A Celebration of the Great Wines of Burgundy


The Villages; the growers, graded and assessed;

the vineyards, outlined and described - and graded too.

The top 61 domaines, profiled in depth with a vertical tasting of their wines.

Vintages 1995-1945, red and white: Which are the best? When are the wines at their optimum? Literally thousands of tasting notes of the top wines.

997 pages; published in May 1997.

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the finest chateaux of bordeaux and their wine


One hundred Châteaux profiled, with notes of vertical tasting going back in some cases to pre-phylloxera times, in many cases to the 1940s.

Vintages 1990-1928, red and white Sauternes.

Which are the best wines?

When are they at their best?

All the great wines assessed:

Many both vertically and horizontally.

816 pages; published March 1995.

Over 10,000 copies already sold.

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UK £50; Europe €98 or £60; Overseas (Airmail) £75; 
US (mailed direct from the University of California Press) $60 (US)


"This seminal appealing freshness... admirably direct and unfussy style, happy to point out the underachievement of some and the expense of others, while never being whimsical. The directness of his tasting notes - in preference to dozens of overpowering descriptors - is a joy to read."

Lloyds List

"[This book]... cost(s) less than a single bottle of 2000 Palmer and offer(s) an unrivalled Bordeaux database."

Andrew Jefford, Evening Standard

"An indispensable tome….from this expert taster."

-Claudia Conlon, The Wine News

"Required reading."

Decanter Magazine

"English Master of Wine Clive Coates has written a superb and elegantly understated book. It is a thoughtful antidote to the hype and hyperbole of other wine experts."

--Deborah Scoblionkov, Philadelphia Inquirer

"A comprehensive guide to one of France's leading wine regions. . . . A great gift."

--Laurie Daniel, San Jose Mercury News

"[Coates'] knowledge of Bordeaux is nothing short of encyclopaedic."

--Robert Messenger, Food & Wine

"A must-have for oenophiles. [Coates'] meticulously researched book not only tells you which wines and vintages thrill him--and he's tasted them all--but also assesses even the most obscure chateau and includes maps, facts and figures about each appellation."

--Ted Loos, Town & Country

"While many books and periodicals give similar information on Bordeaux wines, their history, their sources and style, I know of none in English that does the job so well as here."

--Charles Sullivan, author of Zinfandel