The 2019 Vintage

August 1st 2019

It has been, off and on, really quite warm here, especially during the last week of July. Here at Château Coates we had an exceptional hail storm earlier in the month, and I feared for the vines in the Mâconnais (about 60 kilometers to the east), but thankfully there was no damage there nor anywhere else. So at the moment all looks fine. As a result of cold weather earlier it is going to be a small crop, but at present things are promising, though we could do with some rain.

July 2019

As I write this, it is almost too hot. Here today it is 35°. But yesterday in Nimes it was 45°, and that is a bit much. The month began with a few very nice days, but this was followed by ten days of grey, wet weather. Then the summer arrived, and for more than a week it has been hot and sunny.

The vines look promising. The flowering was swift and even, and (so far) there has been no hail. Often a heat wave is interrupted by a storm, so we are all keeping our fingers crossed. 

June 1st 2019

The last month has been pretty much the same as April: mainly dry, occasional sunny spells, and quite windy; but not very warm. However there has been no frost, nor hail, and the vines are now about to flower, more or less on schedule. The immediate forecast is promising; finally a bit of warmth can be expected. So all is positive for the time being.

May 1st 2019

The winter of 2018/2019 was largely dry and sunny, with the exception of the end of April; but it was also quite windy and cold. Temperatures might have climbed to 22° or even 25° in the afternoons in late March and April, but rarely exceeded 10° at night.  At the end of March there was some frost damage in Saint-Aubin, Chassagne and Puligny, but, it seems, on the lower slopes only. Currently there is a threat of mildew. The development of the vines is normal; neither precocious nor retarded. We could do with a bit of warmth.